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Omnia 11 FM Audio Processor
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The Omnia 11 FM Audio Processor not only has moved forward to the next step of FM processing, it outshines with the following features

Key Features

  • Newly developed intelligent wideband AGC
  • Newly refined dynamically flat & time aligned crossovers
  • New dual-topology multiband AGC / Compressor / Limiters using Chameleon Processing Technology
  • New Density Detector for properly handled hypercompressed content
  • New Ultra- LoIMD multiband limiter system with smart gain-reduction technology
  • New Bass-Management system for unprecedented bass power with no nasty side effects
  • New Ultra LoIMD distortion controlled clipper system designed specifically to reduce IM distortion in this critical stage of the processing
  • Newly refined Integrated laboratory-grade stereo generator with dual composite MPX outputs
  • 19 kHz reference output, SCA input, >80 dB pilot protection and precision MPX LPF to protect RDS/RBDS and SCA signals
  • ITUBS- 412 MPX limiter, Newly refined parallel HD processing path with it's own final mixer
  • Lookahead limiter and Sensus technology for HD-1
  • DAB or Internet stream
  • Analog, AES/EBU digital (with external sync input) and Livewire I/O
  • Front panel 10.5" full-color touch-screen GUI
  • Full remote control with built-in webpage interface via Ethernet port or on-board Wi-FI
  • Headphone jack with soft “patch points” for listening thorough the processing chain
  • Diversity-Delay up to 20 seconds with ramp-in and ramp-out ability
  • Fanless cooling design built into a rugged 4 RU chassis.



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