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BW Broadcast
BW BROADCAST DSPXmini-FM SE Audio Processor
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The DSPXmini-FM audio processor is a cut down version of our popular DSPX audio processor which has proved popular around the world with broadcasters who are fed up with paying over the top prices from the other manufacturers.

Broadcasters continued to ask us if we had something cheaper still. We thought they were joking but we soon realised that not all radio stations are major market with major market budgets for their sound processing. The mini is the result of those requests. We took the DSPX and removed the analogue and AES digital outputs, removed the headphone output and cut back on the processing features.

For broadcasters who need a simple DSP audio processor with only an MPX composite output from a stereo generator (world class one at that) then the DSPXmini-FM is ideal. You will be surprised at just how loud and consistent your radio station can sound for the money. No other manufacturers product will have you sound this good at anywhere near the same price point. Once again BW sets the standard for audio processing bang for your buck.

What's different than the DSPX?

No analogue or AES digital outputs
No Headphone output
No LED metering (now shown on LCD screen via hot key)
Reduced processing controls
Slightly reduced distortion control

What's the same as the DSPX?

World class stereo encoder (with composite clipper)
Reduced controls make it easier to setup for novices
BW class audio processing
Factory and user presets

All in all the Mini is a fantastic little audio processor for FM radio stations who cant afford one of our higher end models, let alone the over inflated prices of our competitors.


  • Analogue and Digital (AES/EBU) Inputs
  • 4-Band Gated AGC *
  • 4-Band Limiting *
  • Distortion Cancelled Clipping
  • High Performance DSP Stereo Encoder With Composite Clipping Control
  • RS232 and TCP/IP Net Interfaces for Remote Control
  • Real Time Clock for Preset Scheduling
  • Preset Trigger Port
  • Full Range of User Presets with A/B Switching Security (password) Control
  • Software ‘FLASH’ Upgradable


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BW Broadcast
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BW Broadcast
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