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DEVA Broadcast
DEVA Broadcast DB6400 Advanced FM and Digital Radio 4-Band Audio Processor with Backup Audio Player
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 Fully DSP-based, top quality 4-Band Audio Processor

The long years of experience at the top level of broadcasting technologies, as well as the undisputable expertise of our engineering team have brought forth a brand new audio processing tool - the DB6400 FM and Digital Radio 4-Band Audio Processor.

The much-anticipated DB6400 is an innovative tool with an ultra low latency DSP-based design for unrivalled quality of sound. It has a built-in IP Audio Player which supports MP3 and PCM audio formats, as well as a fully dynamic RDS/RBDS encoder. Solves the dead-air problem by switching over to a backup source and sending an email notification.

The DSP-based Stereo Encoder in DB6400 guarantees precision of the MPX signal with advanced peak control and two independently-configurable composite MPX outputs. The DB6400 offers perfect audio clarity no matter what the source material is. A complete processing architecture: Wide band AGC with “Intelligent Gating”, 4-band Parametric EQ, Advanced Bass and Treble Controls, 4-Band High Quality Sound processor with Fidelity control and Sound Impact, 4-Band Limiter, FM Limiter with advanced distortion & pre-emphasis control and HD Lookahead Limiter.


USD 2,014.00
Please email us to enquire on freight costs.

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