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Linear Acoustic
Linear Acoustics Aero.100 DTV Audio processor
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AERO.100™ combines proven Linear Acoustic® AEROMAX® processing, UPMAX® II upmixing/downmixing, Dolby® encoding/decoding, BS.1770 loudness metering, convenient TCP/IP remote control and optionally, Nielsen® watermarking in an affordable, 1RU package.

Handling up to 10 channels of baseband, AES, or SDI audio in a 5.1+2+2 (Local/EAS) configuration, AERO.100 is the ideal all-in-one solution for over the air, over the top, or mobile broadcasting. A new Advanced ITU (AI) Limiter enables a loudness target to be set, leaving AERO.100 to do the rest to assure compliance and quality.

AERO.100 also includes Linear Acoustic Intelligent Dynamics™ (ID), a patented hybrid of single-ended and metadata control, offering an infinitely and automatically adjustable balance between permanent and reversible processing and the overall amount of control - all driven by the content itself.  Compliant, high-quality content is preserved while unknown content is adjusted for compliance.  The result:  Consistently pleasing audio delivered to consumers. 

ID can also be used to tailor content for the type of delivery:  No longer one-size-fits-all, processing can now be separately tailored for over-the-air (OTA), over-the-top (OTT), and mobile delivery - all automatically, all in one unit.

A comprehensive TCP/IP remote control is included, providing control over all system settings, processing and coding activity, and audio loudness meaturements, plus status reports for physical I/O and system, power supply, and environmental health. The remote application also delivers remote audio to audition signal quality anywhere link bandwidth permits. 

An http server is included for simple get/set control and retrieval of metering logs. 

Dolby Digital (AC-3) encoding and decoding for up to 5.1 channels and Dolby E decoding are standard.  

Options include Nielsen Watermark Encoding (5.1+2) and a no-codec version.


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