RB-OA3 3 Studio On-Air Switcher

by Sonifex

The RB-OA3 is a 1U rack-mount, unity gain on-air switcher, capable of switching three stereo pairs between three studios. Each studio can control the transmission path together with two peripheral paths for equipment such as a codec or hybrid and there is also a “Last studio to offer” bus, allowing for seamless and continuous broadcast from any multi-studio radio network. A “sustain” mode allows for a sustaining system, such as a PC automation system, to control the broadcast. Multiple RB-OA3 units can be connected together to switch more studios or more stereo pairs.

  • Controls the offer/accept switching for 3 studios.
  • Switches 3 stereo bidirectional channels, e.g. studio output,codec clean-feeds, telco feeds.
  • Has a stereo transformer mix input, e.g. for playout system.
  • Continuity mode allows switching to/from a PC playout system.
  • Latching relay switching means transmission path remains intact on power-fail.
  • Can be expanded to switch 6 stereo channels between 5 studios.

Datasheet download