MixPre-10M Recorder & USB Audio Interface for Musicians

by Sound Devices

The MixPre-10M combines the ease of dedicated hardware recording with the essence of computer-based music production software into a lightweight, portable multitrack recorder and USB audio interface. Ideal for song creation or live performances, you can now focus on your art rather than your gear and trust an easy-to-use, reference-quality audio recorder to capture songs and ideas anywhere and anytime inspiration grabs you.


  • 10-Input/12-Track Recorder
  • Kashmir Microphone Preamps
  • USB Audio-Recording Interface
  • Overdub, Punch, and Bounce
  • Built-In Metronome and Effects
  • Flexible Routing via Easy-to-Read Matrix
  • TA3 and 3.5mm Outputs
  • Auto Copy for Safety
  • Multiple Powering Options
  • Records Sample Rates up to 192 kHz

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