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Axia iPlay Network Stream Player for Windows

by Axia
Original price $136.00
Current price $122.00


Software-based IP-Audio monitoring program lets Windows PC users select  and listen  to any audio source available to their Axia network. Choose from a complete list of available streams; eight user- programmable preset buttons provide quick access to frequently-accessed channels. On-screen level display meters auditioned audio.



  • Allows listening to any Axia network audio stream using standard PC sound card/speaker combo or headphones.

  • Automatic detection of Livewire® audio sources from connected PCs.

  • User friendly interface allows filtering and sorting Livewire channels, making it easy to navigate in big systems containing hundreds or thousands of Livewire channels.

  • Preset buttons that allow quick access to eight pre-selected channels. 

  • Administrator can restrict access to a set list of audio channels using built-in Access Control Lists.