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Advertising Price exclusive of Taxes
Advertising Price exclusive of Taxes

Elite 15 GS CF Tripod System

by Camgear

Camgear Carbon Fibre Tripod System with Elite 15 Fluid Head and Ground-Level Spreader. The Elite 15 fluid head is the premier P/T head available in its payload class. With a payload capacity of 19 kg/41.9 lbs,it is optimally designed for lightweight camcorders, modern film cameras such as the Canon XC15, XA30/35, JVC GY-HM200 and all DSLR cameras to be perfectly balanced, unlike any other design, for stunning images.

System consist of

  1. Elite 15 Fluid Head
  2. 3S-FIX ENG/AL2 Carbon Fiber Tripod
  3. Elite Pan Bar ELPB-1
  4. Ground Spreader GS-2
  5. Soft Bag SB-1


  • Model Number: Elite 15 GS CF
  • Maximum Payload: 19 kg/41.9 lbs.
  • Bowl Diameter: 100 mm
  • Tripod Construction: 2 Stages.
  • Tripod Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Weight: 8.74 kg/19.27 lbs
  • Height Range: 0.55-1.72 m/21.7-67.7 in
  • Transport Length: 0.89 m/35 in