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Advertising Price exclusive of Taxes
Advertising Price exclusive of Taxes

Litt High Definition Signaling Device

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Product highlights

  • The world's only signaling device with CleanVision® lighting characteristics.
  • Intelligent modular system.
  • Award-winning design.
  • High-definition performance.
  • Five colors conquer the world.
  • Unbelievably product life - unbelievably small carbon footprint.

Modules available

YT9100: Litt 50 Base Controller Ø 51mm aluminum for up to five Color Segments including Universal Mounting Kit and Installation Tool

YT9301: Litt 50/35 Color Segment Red
YT9302: Litt 50/35 Color Segment Green
YT9303: Litt 50/35 Color Segment Yellow
YT9304: Litt 50/35 Color Segment White
YT9305: Litt 50/35 Color Segment Blue
YT9210: Litt 50/37 Sound Segment
YT9500: Litt Riser 120mm
YT9501: Litt Riser 240mm
YT9502: Litt Riser 360mm
YT9500: Litt 50 Spoiler

Litt full module list

Datasheet download