PIX-LR XLR Audio Interface for PIX-E Monitors

by Video Devices

This first-of-its-kind audio interface is an optional accessory that attaches securely to the bottom of any PIX-E Series of recording monitors: the 5-inch PIX-E5, the PIX-E5H (the HDMI only model), and the 7-inch PIX-E7.

Add pro audio I/O to your PIX-E monitor with the Video Devices PIX-LR XLR Audio Interface. The PIX-LR unit screws right into the bottom of any PIX-E recorder and adds high-quality dual XLR I/O featuring Sound Devices mic input preamps with phantom power, limiting, and high-pass filtering. To match with the circuitry, Sound Devices-style amenities are provided on the front panel. These include dual recess-able gain control knobs, large transport control buttons for the PIX-E monitor, and accurate LED meters for the inputs.


  • Attaches Directly to PIX-E Monitors
  • Dual XLR Mic/Line Inputs
  • Dual XLR Outputs
  • 48V Phantom Power
  • Gain Pots for Each Channel
  • Dedicated Transport Control Buttons
  • Accurate LED Metering