RB-ADDA2 Combined A/D and D/A Converter

by Sonifex

The RB-ADDA2 A/D and D/A converter is a 1U rack-mount which produces an AES/EBU, S/PDIF or TOSlink optical level digital audio output from a balanced XLR or unbalanced phono stereo audio input. It also produces a stereo balanced XLR or unbalanced phono output from an incoming AES/EBU, S/PDIF or TOSlink optical digital input signal.

The RB-ADDA2 is a high performance, enhanced version of the RB-ADDA providing the following additional features:

  • It supports higher sample frequency rates up to and including 176.4kHz and 192kHz.
  • It has additional independent AES/EBU and Word Clock synchronising inputs, so that the A/D and D/A sections can operate independently, with the digital outputs synchronised to an external master reference clock.
  • It has TOSlink optical digital audio input and output.
  • It has front panel push-button switches for all the main settings. The buttons are arranged in sets, where pressing the button advances the current selection and LED indicator.
  • A serial RS232 port is included so that the RB-ADDA2 settings can be controlled remotely. The front panel LED indicators alter automatically when using RS232 commands. 

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